Since its establishment in 1947, Hoshizaki Group has practised the action principle of “challenge to the extreme” to create products under the corporate motto “A company cannot grow without original products,” and has brought to the world a variety of products that incorporate creativity and innovation.

Hoshizaki Singapore was established in Singapore in 1999 to provide our customers with the best sales and support for our local market and also for the surrounding countries in South East Asia.

While we are dedicated to manufacturing products, we also deal with sales and after-sales service and have built a system through which we can respond to various requirements of each of our customers.

As the demands of “eating” have diversified more than ever, it is important to respond to this change in our industry. We will strengthen the system and continue to provide quality services to our customers quickly and accurately. In addition, we aim to be a “Evolving Company” that can contribute to both society and customers by combining the strengths of all members.

Today, we are very proud to serve our customers in different types of “Eating” businesses and are highly appreciated by our customer all over the world.